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Terry Richardson

Postby jkerr » Thu Dec 08, 2005 12:57 am

Recently, I had the unfortunate, but honored, experience of being a pall bearer for Terry. We were very close friends for about 20 years before and after graduation, even though I was in Greensboro, NC for much of that time, he would come over every year for a PGA Tour event that I was involved with. Sometime about 10 years ago, Terry stopped calling and I, unfortunately, did little about trying to reconnect with him.

I learned from a co-worker that her father had bought a boat, earlier this year, from someone named Terry Richardson; she thought the name sounded familiar and asked me if I knew a Terry Richardson, of course I said yes and then she made the connection and told me where Terry was working, so I tracked him down and called him.

I was in K-Town this past summer, the kids and I happened to stop by the Sea Ray dealership to see if Tiz (for those of you who know him well) was in and he was. We caught up; he met Ashley and Reid (and tried to sell me a quarter million dollar boat). Needless to say, I’ve still got the kids, don’t have the boat, but lost a long time friend.

Several Bearden graduates made the visitation and/or the funeral, to those I say thank you. To the others who were aware of his death, I’m sure your thoughts were with his family. As you may know, Terry’s sister; Tammy is married to Steve Weatherholt.

Terry’s family was very appreciative of the support of his friends; Parker Stair wrote and delivered a very moving piece on this website and at the service. He was very much a part of Terry’s life during and after our high school experience.

Unfortunately, the last two funerals I’ve attended have involved parents burying their child, this is not they way it is supposed to go. L.B. and Betty burying Terry and Gary and Karen Baldwin burying Will (whom you don’t know) is not right. One set of parents lost a 44 year old son and the other set lost a 9 month old son. Both were very difficult, but unique. Please take every moment to enjoy your children and loved ones because nothing is certain.

To my knowledge, most of us have had a pretty good life experience since BHS and I hope everyone will continue their journey! Please take a moment to reflect on those who’ve gone prematurely and continue to dwell on health, wealth and happiness for yourself and your families. jk

Thanks Jamey.

Postby Tony Pagano » Sun Dec 18, 2005 12:19 pm

I sure wish I could have made it back to Knoxville for Terry's services. While Terry and I were friends, I was never as close to him as people like you and Parker were. But, I was very saddened by his passing, much more than I thought I would be. Notes likes yours make me glad I knew him and wish I had stayed in touch better with other friends. Perhaps we should try to have between reunion get togethers for those who can make it. Even if it's just a handful of us, it would be worth it. Just something to consider, and I would sure make an effort to join in.
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