Oops, I owe everyone an apology!

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Oops, I owe everyone an apology!

Postby Tony Pagano » Thu Aug 25, 2005 9:27 am

Due to issues caused by the switch to a better and less expensive server for our class web site, I have not been receiving e-mails sent to the bearden78.org e-mail accounts. I finally accessed them this morning and I had over 980 messages (mostly spam). I did, however, receive some information updates and other real messages. For instance, Steve Turner has moved to London and Dale Gilbert has moved to Morristown, TN. I made those two changes to the Class Member List this morning and will go through the remaining 850 e-mails tonight looking for important messages related to our class. I apologize to anyone who sent me an e-mail using the bearden78.org account(s). I will send you responses when I have the chance (Steve and Dale should already have received responses). I'll also try very hard not to let this happen again. :(

Take care!

Tony Pagano
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